Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Miscellanies 28

I am my friend a soul in need of the grace of God. This need is great, so much so that no man may give it but God. It is like being thirsty, more bread will not do but water. Yea, and this grace is needed in abundance for a little dropping of it will not do. A little dropping of water will not do for a man dying of thirst, he needs a tap of it. It is with me, I have thirstied myself with my many sins and now I am desolate, empty and dying - good-works will not clench it nor morality. A thirsty man is in need of water not bread, likewise I am in need of his grace not good-works. I have heard your words my friends and I do have faith - faith as beautiful as she is as not yet departed from me. She is still treasured and priced in my heart but the faith I possess is the one which sees the love of God poured into the heart which makes one say Abba Father. This I must have by experience and it is only sovereign grace which can do such a task. So I wait until I am bathed in his grace, until then I shall thirst and long till his light finally dawns and he kisses me with his grace.


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