A date with Love (1)

Tonight I have a date with Love
Where Her and I shall sit to talk
Of Why of her I have never known
Or me she has not long to show. 

                                                               Oh soul and heart - how dress we tonight of all
Where at last we sit to cite our yearning more
                                                                  Of long we dreamt to have her all
Tonight will she yield and have us all

I knock the blue holy door
                                           Designed with awe and unwelcomed none
                                                  And then Love appeared as a masterpiece
Her glittering eyes encouraged me in

                                 Love’s hall carved like Jesus’ home
                               Angels mounted the open scene with cheer
                                 Where Love dressed in apparel of Gold
                                      Walking me gently to sit me by.

Dear Boy do speak your heart
Hide not heat or cold nor sigh
                                         All I know for all I see
But long and better to hear it from thee....



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