A treasure Hid on a Saturday night

A treasure was hid on a Saturday night 
By a Scot of a brilliant mind
With housemates near, which one did bump
The other did play a beautiful song. 
Hear the anthem of God’s chosen ones 
Attracting a peacock to peak our joy
Let it rain the skies declined as we marched through the mud-spattered wood 
Where thickets lurch and boys did climb upon a church 
Which once did have a love like ours for Jesus Christ
Verily verily he often would say pray the father for his kingdom come 
With arms held high in unity bound students weigh what contour love may take 
The treasure found by a group of hounds 
A fitting find to end the night 
She did smile a summers smile 
The bump diminished none of her glow which did spring 
From knowing God’s good show



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