Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A Prayer for my soul - For your church to care

O Heavenly Father, thou art compassionate and merciful, great and glorious. Your name is excellent and so are your deeds. You cause the storm to rise and the mountains to fall. You still the waves and limit its boundaries.  The whole heaven declares your glory and earth is your footstool. You alone with your Son and thy Spirit has worked and accomplished the glorious work of redemption and to this I now turn. I pray dear Father, that you behold your church, the Church of your Son and have great pity upon them especially the suffering churches. Cease the hands of oppression and uphold the arms of justice. Cause the hearts of your saints to persevere, cause our hearts to cry and care. O Father, that your church may be one as you are one. That we may feel each striking blow inflicted upon our brothers and sisters, that we may feel each day lived without food, that our senses may be heightened due to the immediate fear, that we may be able to emphasize just as your Son was able to emphasize with our sufferings. O, cause our heart to break, that we may rise in desperation to seek their prosperity. That we may no longer linger in apathy but dwell in prayer. That we may empty our pockets and purchase materials of blessings, that we may know of what it is to partake in their sufferings. Help us Father, awake your people and I thank you for the many caring saints who have taking up their cause. I delight in them Father. Jesus, continue to build your church and as you build it there, forget not us, but come to us and establish your throne in this camp dominated by materialism and intellectualism. Remove our dross, inspire us once again with your teaching to live simply and radically. Remind us again of community, remind us again of solidarity, remind us again of sacrifice, remind us again of LOVE.

I pray also for the world, for the whole world is in your hands and you have all authority and power. I pray for many governments who have the power to do good but at current are willing evil, that they may turn from their ways and do the duty of their office. We pray for light in our darkness, peace in war torn places, prosperity instead of poverty, grant ways to overcome sickness, above all I pray that the world may come to know and love your Son, Jesus Christ who is Saviour of all who believe.


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