Friday, 13 January 2012

How a Christian can live a comfortable life?

Very few Christians have leaned what St Paul learned which is this: “In whatever situation, I am to be content.” If we all take our seat and sit under the high tree of grace, we may all begin to learn this difficult lesson and come to an understanding similar to that which the apostle discovered. This lesson is difficult because it goes first against our nature - the rich man is never content with his riches nor the poor man content with his poverty. There is always something of more attraction, something more delightful, something more satisfying so men whether rich or poor are apt to moan and murmur about their situations. Poor men learn to be envious, they covet those things which they do not possess and when favour falls upon those who already have plenty this favour offends them. They murmur about their misfortunes to God and whereas they ought to be wanting to possess a contented spirit knowing that one’s life does not consist in one’s possessions but in Christ. This bitter poison is also found in regards to gifts; men with one talent are often sitting in the pews in jealousy of those who possess what seems to be a hundred talent. They have a big plank in their eye and being blind to it constantly seek with great deceitful energy to show the grain of sand in their brother’s eyes. Rich men learn to be covetous, thirsting more for gain and profit than being thankful of the grace given to them in their abundance. They become like the grave never satisfied and always lusting, being full of wants and constantly overlooking that which they ought to give a great attention.

Many Christians are far from contentment but many are discontented. They complain inwardly that another has a better spiritual gift, more beautiful, more riches, more grace, better dress, more scriptural knowledge, more loved, better regarded, more pious, more popular and many other things that discontentment yields. They believe that if they possess these things they will be better Christians but little do they know that God keeps these idols away from them because if they should have it, they will perish with it. Oh Christian, learn to be content in whatever situation you are for if we must always give thanks (1 Thess5:18) then in nothing be discontented.

If you learn this great lesson that the apostle learned, then my friend you will live a comfortable life. The secret of this lesson is simple - it is Christ. What else does a soul need which has Christ as its pride, joy and glory. Surely everything else is as dung, as trash for the fire. If your child is taken from you, you have Christ to whom all things are counted as loss. If that girl or boy don't love you back, Christ will be enough, His love is better and He always loves you. When the wind of adversity destroy your belongings, what are they compare to Christ who is the infinite delight of his Father. Whatever your condition is, sweet or bitter, cold, or thirsty, abounding or in want, the soul which has Christ as the supreme treasure will be content and live a comfortable life* for he has chosen the one thing which will never be taken away from him.


*The way a Christian live a comfortable life is by being content in all that Jesus is for him and to always give thanks to God in every situation knowing the hands of providence is always at work painting and decorating the soul into the likeness of Jesus Christ.

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