Happy new year

My friends, I hope that you are not among those numbers who think that by beginning the new year in church they will obtain and have the favour of God. Such nonsense belongs in a pigs field and not in the sanctuary of God’s counsel. Although I would rather have you found in the company of saints where sin cannot reign without being challenged and put down. But I know that some of you are of a better mind, you love the church of God and the company of the saints; so it is your souls delight to be found with them in the inauguration of the new year. Your will is good and throughout the year your feet will continually be found in the sanctuary where the redeemed gather. But for those of you who only attend to acquire God’s blessing and favour for the new year, fear; and be filled exceedingly for if God was to give you your proper wages it is death and hell. What you seek is good, for God delights in us seeking his blessings and favour but your approach is abominable to him. He knows your kind, knowing you have no real love towards him or affection but you are only there to abuse his gifts. You are better of not seeking him but I beg you to change your approach. Have a heart that truly wants Him for all that he is, love him and start by believing in his glorious gospel. That gospel which says For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, so that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

And some of you my friends have no inclination towards God whatsoever - many are found in my generation who call themselves agnostic when properly they should call themselves droopy, lethargic and unconcerned. God features not in their new year and some wishes him entirely gone because they have planted for themselves pleasures which are contrary to his ways. For you my friends I beg, to consider your ways in this new year. Life is a fading flower, here today and gone tomorrow. You read the news of daily occurrence of murder and deaths, how there are a million ways to depart from this world - would you not be so wise to make your eternity secure? My prayer for you as I have no confident in your will to repent that God will work so mightily in you as to open your eyes, so that you may see the flashing lights of the gigantic train which soon will crush you if you do not move out of its way.

This new year will bring with it many sorrows and many joys - God in his wisdom has hidden the future from our eyes. It is like walking in darkness wherein God has put out his arms for us to hold - his arms is outstretched and this year God is calling you to take his arm so as to be your guide. If you refuse, sooner or later death or something of its kind will swallow you up forever but with God, you are safe for all of eternity. He will at last bring you to that green pasture which is the end of all who by faith have taking hold of his arms. I wish you a happy new year and I pray that you live it day by day without fear or anxiety for he who is called Christ once said ‘fear not for I am with you’. Therefore tighten your belt and salute the new year with a solemn confidence that God who has marched the days before you will see you through every trials and joy, knowing that you are much loved by him because of that deed which he planned before time began and completed in the fullness of time namely the death his only begotten who is true God from true God and true light from true light.

Happy new year my friends!



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