Sunday, 18 March 2012

Saving little Joe's life

I’m ready to say goodbye,
So I’ll do the final rounds
Take a stroll round the block,
the last times I’ll see em all.
On the park bench chilling where me and E use to kick it
Diana was hot, we fooled around till the evening - 
Hey Mr Alfonzo serve me up on my usual,
The night is yet young, finally legit, remember when i use to jack it
From old man fray, he knew, but shut his eyes
And when I got paid I gave it all back.
This is my block, constantly hot on some family drama 
The other day made the news big Eric on the evening news-
Talking loud, about Jay, the local preacher
Who taught him about God instead of guns and riches. 
Now we grown when we use to be this ignorant kids,
Some of us gone.
I pour this liquor especially for uncle tom. 

Leaving it all, 
I only got one regret -
Hey Tasha let me apologize for things I should have said.
Remember the first time we met,
I loved u,
Ever since then, I should have said,
but there was plenty of dudes besides I only weigh like a 50 pence. 
Give me a last hug,
I know u got a man.
Give all props to Nate
I hope he treats u like I can.
U a diamond and rose,
Don’t let a man bring u down
Live your life and be happy I hope I see u one more time. 
Hey mama I’m ready this is my will dry your eyes.
I’ll see u in heaven!
Besides my heart will save little Joe’s life.


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