Monday, 26 March 2012

The best accuser in all the lands

The devil was finally called to stand
To bring the evidence he found all night!
In fear, I sat for I heard him good
The best accuser in all of the lands.
Every case he attended no one could find a fault.
All accusations established on solid ground.
The jury watched with a persuaded heart
The judge was ready to hammer down;
Until another known by the Christ, Stood
To defend my case by the Judge’s rule.
‘Undoubtedly a sinner and a wretch
A blasphemer, and an adulterer at heart.
But as you well know my Father, the Judge,
No sinner may be acquitted by law, 
Except by The blood of My Atoning death!
Sinner, what have you to say?
Answer me this question and take heed what you say!
I have in my records a time and a place
Where you confessed to believing in my name’?
My Lord, it is true what you say.
‘Have you denied me ever since?
Did you throw away your faith, before thou didst sleep?’
No, my Lord, my hope in you still stands.
He then declared his argument done;
The Judge hammered down,
Not guilty was his cry.


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