Sunday, 11 March 2012

As I’m getting older

As I’m getting older the world becomes more of a stranger
I thought I knew her well but each day I feel I’m a pilgrim.

My friends don’t worry, the stillness is my dance
I’ve learned to make peace with the thought that I’ll die.

Its not a beautiful scene - the stars are pretty ugly
But it’s a crime to call ugly what God has made to share in his beauty.

Reflect on my thoughts because I’m getting pretty worse
This heart of mine is getting colder by the minute and the hour.

Who will unfreeze before I take myself to the grave
I’m not looking for hope, hope is a commodity that charisma sold.

Its all down to my nature, there’s conflict within
An outrage, waging war I pray for the Spirit to win.

Its nearly over, a sabotage been played 
A wild card like wild strawberries found where the kids play.

I heard he said he was thirsty, I’m thirsty too.
Thirsty for righteousness, because sin has bankrupt; leaving me no more love to give.

Soon it will be over, unless the music play
A ballad of a saint found freedom from the sins he hates. 

As I’m getting older, the world is not my friend
But I seem to love her well - placing roses on her bed.


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