Friday, 23 March 2012

Miscellanies 34 - Open the door for Christ

It is true that those who worship the Lord must worship in Spirit and Truth; and those who say that they know him, that is truly know him, must walk as he walks. For Jesus Christ, the heavenly King is the way and the truth. In him is the life, the life that shines ever brightly, eliminating the darkness. If we obey His truth, his words, we walk in the light; but if we disobey his truth, his words, then we walk in darkness. Perhaps the reason for the lack of spiritual maturity is the fact that you have not yet submitted to the words of Christ. You have not yet made it the roof of your house but you dismiss it willingly and unwillingly. If we are found to be in this darkness, we have only one thing to do, that is, to humble ourselves, to acknowledge our positions and come into his marvellous light. He longs to clothe you, he stands at the door and knock, he knocks so that you may hear him. Will you not come to the door that he may begin to put your house in order? Or do you say that you do not need him and seek to put your house in-order before you let your Saviour in. He comes to do it for you and with you and after, you shall both dine and break the bread and wine which is his body. O sinners like me, let us not linger and delay opening the door for Christ when we feel and see that our house is a mess. Let us at once rush to the door and give him a welcoming invitation; He shall come in with gladness and bid you peace.


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