My Sleep-out in video, words and pictures

On Friday the 2nd of March a couple of us ventured to sleep outside for the night in order to raise awareness and funding for Crisis Centre Ministries. We did it as a small group and I enjoyed having the opportunity to engage in such a good act.

Some people in the picture above are not part of our small-group and not all in the picture above took part in the sleep-out. There are two people from our small-group missing who took part in the sleep-out.

We stayed at Pip and Jay car pack. There was lots and lots of people there. This is a picture of me and one of the girls in my small-group preparing our bed for the night. Also, the manager of the Crisis Centre Ministries, Alan Goddard, slept outside for 12 nights in different locations raising about £2000 for the charity. You can read about it by clicking here

The picture on the right is of another group who had pitched their cardboard-boxes on the grass. Luckily there was hardly any rain but there was lots of tea, soup and chocolate for everyone who wanted one.

Also, big thanks to St John Ambulance who patrolled the car park all night to ensure our safety and health. I remember waking up at one time in the night and lo, there was a St John Ambulance person walking by with a blanket. I asked her if I could have it for extra warmth and she smiled and gave it to me. The morning soon dawned upon us and we all woke up to a nice sandwich and wished each other good- bye.

Here is a video (below) created by Isabelle Neill (I think she's awesome) which details our experience. You can still sponsor us at

The Bristol Sleep Out from Isabelle Neill on Vimeo.



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