Monday, 12 March 2012

Miscellanies 32 - What a lovely morning

What a happy morning, that my dear Lord Jesus, who is the love of my life should fill my heart with so much sunshine. He awoke me, just before dawn opened her lovely eyes, rousing me to pray and meditate on the indelible words his lovely ever pleasing Father gave for man to eat. I could not resist as sleep fled from my eyes distancing itself from the lively affections which has occupied my soul. I bid it all to grace, for in the week before my soul was like a hollow; empty and filthy. There was no room for happiness to play, joy was locked up by depressing melancholy and cumbersome guilt set his camp in the middle of my field. I was like a stone, unmovable in my low fondness with any creature high and low that I resolved much to settle within my own soul. She was all I had for comfort and she proved to be a miserable companion. Then I began to hear and listen to the voice of whom they call the prince of preachers; even though his body have long been decomposed, yet, the words he left his readers to ponder upon are like bandages placed upon an open wound. He preached that gospel which was delivered to the apostles; which ran rampant in the time of the reformation and which seized the hearts of the puritans.  He spoke of Christ, yea, of Christ beloved, that tower of beauty and strength, that meek and tender lamb who died for sins not his own. He spoke of Christ as being the gentle comforter, calling us all loudly through the trumpet of his gospel that all sins his elect have ever committed have all been forgotten. Although the gospel displays the grand-scale of sin yet it also display the eternal cleansing of sins through the Lamb’s atoning sacrifice. It made much my heart glad, and the Lord, adorned with the jewels of heaven came this morning, rising from his throne to touch my cheek, placing his pierced hands upon my head to affirm me of his endless love and mercy; for I am his and His forever. 


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