The Fox who stole his shoes

On a starless night, there was a group of different people all gathered in a car park for a good cause. Each person brought a mat or cardboard box or a bed to lay on the floor, so that their body may have a comfortable foundation to sleep on.

The night drifted on and the chatter began to drift too. In one corner slept a man all by himself and he was the first to kiss the night good night. In another corner was a couple, dressed in red and they both wore a funny hat were the next to kiss the evening good night. Beside the couple were a group of friends whose energy and laughter was almost drained. They each hugged and cuddled before wishing the night good night. Then in the middle lay a guy and three girls. They were the last to fall asleep but before they did, they shared chocolates and sipped the last of their hot soup. The girls were the first to fall asleep each kissing the night goodnight. The guy before he went to bed put his shoes by the bottom of his feet but forgot to kiss the night goodnight.

While they all slept, suddenly a fox crept in and did some foxly things. Everyone that kissed and wished the night goodnight were all left in peace. Except for the guy who was among the three girls, the fox quickly and gently grabbed his shoes and hid them in a foxly place.

The morning came with a light birdly song, chirping all to wake to see and hear of the guy who lost his shoes. The guy asked and asked - he wondered and pondered but none confess to this unfortunate crime. He asked the girls and suspected them well but they denied such a cause. He asked the group of friends they each replied with ‘it was none of us.’ Then he asked the couple and man, the trio paid no attention to none of his charge. In perplexity he stood and thought they all played an awful prank, which did make the guy very sad and had to walk home without his shoes.

Dear Reader I believe you and I know the truth of why the boy lost his shoes. Next time you and I desire to sleep remember to kiss the evening goodnight. 



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