Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Prayer boredom and Prayer walks

Sometimes, I find it difficult to pray and that could be for different reasons but one reason may be because I’ve spent too long praying in the same place that is in my room and perhaps a change of location may give me that zeal and motivation to actually pray. Prayer I believe should be an everyday thing where one communicates with God because it is their delight to do so. If you find yourself not praying at all, you should ask yourself, why am I not praying? And then followed by what you think prayer is and whether you see it as being important. Our Lord Jesus loves to pray and so did his disciples and we ought also to follow their example, not in a legalistic way but with an enraptured heart at the sovereignty of God and the beauty of God that He is able to do all things and that he gladly hears us. It should be to our shame as Christians that often we neglect the duty of prayer in which our Lord shed his blood for so that we can boldly approach the throne of grace with confidence. So I plea wit you as I plea with myself that we should take to prayer and not to find it boring. One way of tackling prayer boredom is by doing prayer walks. Prayer walks is simply walking and praying although others may defer but it is simply walking and praying. It is intentional and it is meant to hopefully stimulate the activity of praying especially for the area in which you are walking. On Saturday I and my good friend went down to Easton (one of the ethno distinguished area in Bristol), to evangelise. We spoke to a few people but whilst walking, I prayed for the area and for the people and for those we had just spoken to. In my private prayers, I almost always forget to pray for Easton but walking through the area stimulated me to pray for the area. Also, today as I was walking to Uni, I prayed. I had found it difficult to pray earlier in my room but I found it easier to pray as I began to walk. I am not suggesting this is the only way to tackle prayer boredom and of course a meeting with the Lord is never boring but if you do find yourself bored of prayer then perhaps you could do different things to stimulate you and prayer walk is one of those options.


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