Thursday, 4 November 2010


Tis fair my heart

No whispering doubt

There my bias lay

My fancy my need

Is all I could portray

A blackening face

Grim and gross display

Behind the smile

Selfishness reigns

I see in you

The things I need

But not so with you

My bias lay

With self conceit

Applauding my bias ways

Evil! Evil! Even Death proclaims
That which knows no bias way

Will condemn my sway

This poem was written from the contemplation of how bias sometimes we are in which we favour certain people because of our prejudice. We sit and eat with certain people and reject to sit with others because of maybe their status, whether they are pretty enough, smart enough and many other vain things. We judge others and reject to sit with the less socially accepted at the cost of our own status and even more disturbing, pleasure. I see sometimes these things in my own heart and I marvel but quickly disregard my own bias and pray for a pure heart of love because what will displace vain bias is love, unconditional love. If you do read this, does the poem above make sense or is it just to me, feedback would be useful. thanks


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