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Upward call to Heaven

This is my poor attempt to imitate the wonderful book called ‘Stepping Heavenward’. The book is written in a journal style format and it details the story of a girl as she lives her life and grow in godliness. Its worth a read for all girls and boys perhaps may learn from it as well. I am currently reading it and it has inspired me to imitate Prentiss style and write one of my own, titled, ‘Upward call to heaven’. I will be writing it and posting it up in parts. You can download and read Stepping heavenward from this link: Stepping Heavenward.

Upward call to heaven (1)

I designed to get up bright and early this morning but hearing the rain pour outside dismantled my ambition. The air was cold, and my bed was delightfully warm. So, I stayed a while making sound promises to myself until the loud voice of my loving mother bellowed through my door. I chuckled, because I had made a promise that I would be more obedient to her and each morning greet her with a kiss for I had come to see the ugliness of my lack of affection towards her. I hurdled of my bed and wrapped a garment around me to shield me from the wintry air, which a few days ago had curt me with her shrivelling cold. I had no handkerchief so I suspended the breathing out of my sneeze and I rush towards mother and kissed her intentionally. A wonderful smile covered her remarkably young face.
“Say grace my dear”, mother said to me; I said it joyfully and it seems that this morning there was nothing out to plague me and all my pathways were surprisingly clear. “Its time to go to school my dear”, mother told me. This time it was her who kissed me and her kisses are always warm and she told me that upon my return from school that she wanted to speak with me. She said it in such a tone that brought no peace upon my mind but the sound of Amelia soon took my mind away. She was a pretty girl, dark air and had a taste for everything sweet. She was my best friend for I known her since we were three and if our history had never been, I imagine that she would not have noticed me at all.

My time at school was well and Amelia spoke so eloquently in the English class that the teacher said of her that she would be a writer one day and of me, he made no comment. I said goodbye to her; then I remembered mother’s departing words to me and a curiosity shadowed my mind.

Mother called me into her room, she looked at me with discontented eyes. She said that there needs to be a change in my character and at times I cause her many grief by my rashness and foolish manners. My heart sunk in me and told her that I am indeed a miserable creature and when I wake each morning, I make myself promises to be better each day. She smiled slightly and said that perhaps in a few years, I would be more mature and grow to be the loveliness of this village and such was her prayers for me, that I would exhibit more of the fruits of the Holy Spirit. She kissed me gently, affirming her love for me but my soul was so trodden that I wanted to be left alone for a while to wobble in my depravity; and how I must bring shame upon mother who is the taste of our village.

 I hurried to my room and sat down at my old desk and covered my face with my eyes and sobbed heavily. I love mother for she is all that I have but my foolish manners as she says is of a disgrace and everyone affirms it by the way they act towards me but only mother and Amelia love me enough to tell me so. I thought of Amelia and how proud her mother would be of her and how her house would ring of her praises. I was a contrast to her.

 On my desk, Mother had left my bible opened for me to the book of Galatians and marked out for me Galatians 5:22. She left a note for me saying that each morning and evening I ought to slowly think about one of the fruits and pray diligently until God himself forms them in me.  I cleaned my face and rushed downstairs for supper. It was just me and mother and she made all the pleasantries in which I love to eat and she kissed me goodnight. There is never bitterness in the air when Mother is around and her face chuckled with laughter as she told me of her old stories. I went upstairs and did as she said and for the first time I had kept one of my promises and eager I was to tell her the next morning.



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