Friday, 12 November 2010

Rene and Poet part 2

Rene: My dear Poet, when thou set your starry eyes upon her, what shall be your speech?

Poet: What beauty is the day today my precious Rene; marvellous it is; my heart screams joy as the sun shines so rightly in its place. It is so distant and so far away but yet its light penetrates into our darkness. May it penetrate into my fancy. I think of her on days like this, even more when it rains because it shows my tears.
Although my love is rare, can I pave a compliment that will attract her to me. Can I tell her that she is beautiful, that I adore her more than any other woman in this world. Can I tell her that I want her to be mine, can I tell her without her rejecting me. Can I look her in the eyes and not be quickened to look down. But will she fall for me? will she look deeper into this brown eyes and see this beauty that is in this red heart. Will she look and not stumble, will she be amazed and be astonished, bringing her to her knees and saying that will you be mine or will she only look for a second and turn away. How long will my misery run?

Rene: Until you speak my sweet Poet. Now put on your feet the sandals of boldness and come with me. On such a day like this, she will be by the river, the river of eternal life as some legends proclaim. There the pretty girls do play and dance and the boys sit and laugh. But we have a more noble task. (He grabs Poet by the hand, kissed him on the cheek and off they went).  

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