Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Active Worship

True worship consist not in the praise and singing of Sunday services, nor even in your gatherings. But true worship is shown in your love for one another. It is also shown in administering justice and demonstrating compassion. It is shown by you not thinking evil of each other in your hearts. Worship is shown in kindness, being patient, self-control and loving your enemies. Worship is obeying God and delighting in His precepts. It is first loving God and active towards neighbour.

But take heed that you do not raise up your hands in worship while your necks are stiff and your hearts hardened; hating your neighbour and promoting injustice. For your cries are mere noises and you are only arousing the wrath of God against you. You will cry out to Him and he will not listen.

But first, if you find this horrible corruption in your heart, humble yourself, confess your sins and then turn to God for He is faithful and will forgive your unrighteousness. Do not continue to play the hypocrite but turn and love your neighbour. Remember to forgive those who have wronged you and rid yourself of all evil practices. Come first to the fountain of the blood of the lamb and immerse yourself in his pool; for he sanctifies you and makes you holy.

Be active in your worship and seek to obey his precepts with joy of heart for his precepts are not burdensome. Then you may lift up your hands in worship and sing delightful praises to the Lord and it shall be unto Him like a sweet smelling aroma. Do not delay but come, come and be washed and walk the earth with the garment of love and the robe of righteousness.


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