Sunday, 7 November 2010

To find my life

One Sunday night
In the emptiness of my mind
A resolution was made
To find my life

It is not here, it must be there
Nought have I in this place to stay
Perhaps there,
Love will mend my broken heart

The Few I had
I could with sorrow eyes give away
A remembrance I aid not to obtain
But life I wish to gain

Embarking the isolated road
A pilgrim marked with lonely years
Tears fallen
Till tears could fall no more

‘Come close and listen to this story
About a love more faithful than the morning’.
A face to the voice no where to be seen
The wind gentle like a fathers voice.

‘The Father gave his Only Son to save you
To find your life, you must loose it to him’.
How, for I am willing.
‘The man who comes now in white is his Son’.
'He has your life'.


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