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Ken's Newsletter 5

Following on from my last newsletter, which was quiet a while ago, I shall briefly talk of the Bristol Christian Union mission week and my work with the students at UWE Christian Union.

A mission week is a week (intensive) where the Christian Union seeks to reach their fellow students with the gospel of Christ Jesus through various means such as lunch bar talks, meal with a message, provocative topic, giving free hot-chocolates to returning student clubbers late at night, text a toasty and etc.

I was privileged to be invited as a hall guest for Churchill and my duty there was to serve the CU. First I would mention the great hospitality of the CU, for I was allowed to eat with them every evening in their hall and thoroughly loved and enjoyed it. The table discussions excited my soul as I was given the opportunity to declare and discuss the gospel with some students. Throughout the week I was able to encourage some Christians, speak at a hall event and distribute flyers for events. God’s Spirit moved in the university as many responded to the talk, Christians were encouraged and the team satisfied with their efforts. My ongoing prayer for Bristol CU is that they may continue to increase in their love for their fellow students in reaching them with the gospel of Christ Jesus.

At UWE a completely different context, my work there is of a peculiar excitement. I work with Baz, a fellow foundationer and on Thursdays we have the privilege of going through the gospel of Luke with a Muslim. We’ve met a couple of times and each meeting seems to be an opportunity to discover the historical Jesus as revealed in the bible.

Sometimes I also meet up with Christian students to encourage them and pray with them although last term there was a real lack of productivity in meeting up with students. Also, we have not committed to doing questionnaire’s which is something that we will be picking up again this term. The aim of the questionnaire is to engage with students concerning the gospel and spiritual (holistic) matters.

I thank God for the opportunities I was presented with in the last term to encourage many Christians and to speak to many non-Christians.

I can say with a great surety, that it is your prayers and supports which keeps me going, and it is the grace of our absolute Sovereign God who gave his One and only Son for a sinner like me, that prevents my feet from slipping. I can say with the psalmist ‘You gave a wide place for my steps under me, and my feet did not slip’ (Psalm 18:3).

I thank you for your continual support through prayer and financial giving



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