Saturday, 14 April 2012

Why don’t we sit outside

The first time they looked and look 
Now they sit. ‘Can I have the usual Please’.
The feminine one pours her speech
The toned brown eyes smiles and sieves.

Once a week they meet to laugh
To dance away the trifle of life.
To cut the edges - trim, trim.
‘Oh, its already time to leave.’

‘Today, why don’t we sit outside?’

Sitting sideways, normally face to face
The feminine one turns; head down.
The toned brown eyes tries to look in her eyes.

She speaks with purple scented Iris words - 

‘Our afternoon song we can no longer sing.’


1 comment:

  1. interesting title - why dont we sit outside could represent a metaphor for freedom and they use to sit inside like a cage (maybe thats what she felt) and now outside she wants to sing a different song.


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