Daughters of the Little valley

Let me sing for you, daughters of the little valley,
a love song concerning a vineyard, a place where grapes are grown.

His Love had a vineyard on a very fertile hill
She dug it and toiled day and night.
She cleared it of stones and thorns and planted it with the best vines
She built a watchtower in the midst of it
And set her young maidens to keep watch day and night.
She did this all for her beloved, when finally that jovial day will arrive
When her beloved, galloping back from the victory of war
Will rest again side by side.
She will draw him into her chamber
And he will kiss her with the kisses of his mouth.

Daughters of the little valley
One day it will be your turn
When your champion will come forth
To take you away to his chamber.

Patience, daughters of the Little valley, then passion
Purity, daughters of the Little valley, then satisfaction.



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