Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Miscellanies 38 - Whether you pass or fail

God does not love you more if you get a first in all of your exams and essays (although you should aim for this) and he doesn’t love you less because you failed in them. His loving us was not based on our passing and failure, if it was, his love for you is therefore merited and conditioned and not unconditional. That would be a tragedy. So rest your mind and do away with all of your anxieties, think not about what the world, friend and families will think of you but think of how God sees you and how he loves you regardless of your failure and success. Whether you get a first or whether you fail, God’s plan for your life hasn’t changed. It is the mystery of divine sovereignty. Think about Peter; despite his failure yet He was still Jesus’ choice for him to go and feed his sheep. God turns our ugliness into something beautiful and he prunes what we already have to be beautiful into something which is marvellous and causes it to radiate his glory and humility. Think about what I am saying. Have you understood it? 


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