Tuesday, 6 August 2013

In a city

In a city, 
where people live to be something that they cannot be, 
aspiring to dreams that they were never meant to reach, 
working for things they were never meant to hold, creates this picture, 
of a striving society, engulfed in debt, in loneliness, in single-mindedness,  
forgetting community, forgotten, to share a toast with their neighbor
  whom they have never met, although they have seen, yet they have never met. 
In a city, where lives only collide in the workplace, in stadiums,
but never in pubs, or places where they are not forced to interact,
unless they are already friends, or wearing the same flag t-shirt, 
then for that hour they meet, 
never exchanging hearts.
In a city, ran by a few with money to spare, 
not for a change for the man without a roof, 
but for their fellow peers
                                     who banks the country's checks. 
In a city, 
where there are many stories flickering,
but few displayed, selected to flash deliberately,
for the masses to willingly conform, forgetting their own uniqueness.
                        In a city, where God is almost dead, kindness is almost forgotten, 
love is almost imaginary,
 and patience is dying to breath, 
stands the old men, without a wise word for the youths, 
                 but a shaking of the head, remembering their bygone ways.
In a city, 
              Not I, but we can change?


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