The joy of confession - Nothing at all to give

Sinner: The truth is sir, I don't think I have anything to give. Nothing for people and nothing for myself. I am nothing extraordinary, no talent no nothings. So it is better for me to not say much at all. To offer up no advise, no opinions nothing at all. I only do those things which are necessary. People may think ill of me that perhaps I do not care, which maybe true but the truth of it is, is that I sincerely believe that I have nothing to offer. I have nothing to offer to any friendship, nor to any love. To seek things from me is but vain. But I do try at times but still my step because I believe that they care not either. That is, they care not for me and I do not want to be hurt so I must stay away. Besides I have never succeeded in anything sir. I simply have nothing to give.

Sir: Boy you say you have nothing to give - but you can give yourself can you not. And have you spoken this with people. I fear that you have not and have only built up these conclusions in your imaginations. But you do have a talent. We all have a talent and you are not to bury it.


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