Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The writings of Sunny Caanne

Dear dear Sunny,

                      Read the somber pitch of my heart. One evening she did deliver me the news of that which I already knew, but rejected it although knowing it to be true, I rejected it until She declared it to me or I saw it with my own eyes. She came to me, sitting under the fire of my garden, scarcely looking into my eyes and told me that she was indeed to be wedded to another man. I took her confession as any good man should, that is with a congratulations and best wishes. But Sunny, my dear Caane, let me tell you the truthful tone of my heart that evening.

I wanted to say, who will I fall in love with now? In all honesty, I desire to fall in love with no one else and I pray the heavens that no one is in love with me. She is taken, gone like yesterday, falling into the arms of another. Where it not for my morals, I should still entertain the thoughts of having her, pursuing her till death embraces my desire. I would encourage adultery. But no. I must leave it. Perhaps in another universe, in another world where the sun does shine on me. Here it shines vainly. My portion now I fear is that of seclusion. I am settled to die an isolated death.

O do write back dear Sunny, better yet do come and see me. For other than necessary business, I desire no company but yours.

Your good honest Friend,

James Howly.


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