What a lovely voice

O I once heard one who sang with the loveliest voice I had ever heard. I bid her with all the flowery fragrance of my heart for her to keep on singing and never to stop, for my heart would never tire to hear such serenity, such loveliness. And she sings of him who is the sum of all beauty, namely Christ, she sings of of his beauty which all the more increases my pleasure. I would have her by me at all times especially in those sad seasons where my heart aches with emptiness. For in her singing and in my enjoying her voice, God is glorified. What a lovely voice! Have you ever heard one with such a lovely voice? I have, I have. And I could almost take an oath, that in heaven God shall call her to the centre of the new Jerusalem and bid the seraphs to strike the strings of their lyre and call attention to everyone to take a pause of their duties to listen to the one who had a lovely voice on earth that so pleased my ears.



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