Saturday, 27 February 2010

Bored... what to do?

Here are a few suggestions on what to do when you are bored and when your heart is feeling restless because you just want to do something.

1. Pray and praise - You may have never considered this before as a thing to do when you are bored, but ask yourself why not? Your flesh might resist it at first but when you start, believe me, you will get filled with the Holy Spirit. If you love worship and if you love prayer, if you enjoy it in church or among the community of believers, if it excites you, then how much of a reward will you receive when you do it in secret, though reward shouldn't be our primary motivation but God's glory, and He rewards those who seek him. Pray to God and what helps me is to stand and pray and have a bible in hand so that I'm praying over the verses.

2. Learn scripture - Psalm 119 explains the importance and the reward of meditating and learning scripture. It brings much joy to the soul, it prevents you from sinning, it renews your mind and rids away the world's pollution from your soul. It enriches your knowledge about God and believe me, joy will fill your heart.

3. Encourage your friends in the faith - You can think about who you may want to encourage in the faith, maybe send them a text message or email them with whatever is in your heart for them. This indeed will edify your brothers and sisters in the faith

4. Finish any immediate work that needs to be done or begin preparations for the future ones.

Well, those are my suggestions and I hope some of it may work for you. Remember that in all things God works all things together for our good.

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