Friday, 26 February 2010

The Sick boy

There was a certain boy who loved a girl and this was the sort of girl his heart fell for. He was a victim to his emotions, for she was beautiful and he oft compared her to a summers day for her eternal summers never fades. Happily he would think of her and her sweet love remembered such love it brings to his soul like the rising of the sun. He would often wish for her to take all his love, yea, that she could take them all and use it for her wants. His love was like a fever for it made him ill, iller by the day as he would stare through the misty windows. His illness was past cure and his remedy laid in the bosom of the one he loved. How could he recover it when fear holds him tightly shackled from ever reaching her. Surely his love is strong enough for perfect love cast out fear.


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Her beauty shines

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