Monday, 22 February 2010

Come believing

Before I could rise and follow Jesus,
I was dead and deeply blind
How could I heed to the call that was for me
How could I walk and take the forward steps
My ears were deaf, the filthy stench covered me
Dead men come to God through Jesus Christ
Or I couldn’t come at all
Walking according to the course of this world
Deviated from God’s way to mine
Happily I walked the path of death
Blinded from its truth I believed the lie
Steps after steps I fed the flesh
All the while the wrath of God was upon my head

It is trusting Christ that makes you safe
Not emotions not a choice
Love not the world but trust the Lord
Come believing and you shall Live
The rugged cross shamed the One
who bled and died for you
'I call you this day with my effective voice
drop all you have and follow me'

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