Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Ken Oni Wins the Fired Up! competition

Ken Oni, studying in Bristol, won the beautiful 'The Book' New Testament.
Here's his answer to the question Which words of Jesus have most fired up your faith?
One of the passages that most fired up my faith is when Jesus says in John 10:10 'The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.' This fires me up because I want that life to the full, I want to experience the fullness of life and it is only found in Jesus. This made me consider that many people are deceived, deceived by the evil one that the fullness of life is to be found in the world, in the pleasures of this world which are contrary to God. Many seek the fullness of life in different things I should say in broken cisterns. Many think it is found in the casinos, or fancy dress, or mini skirts, or indulging in sensual pleasures, to get rich, to travel, eat and being merry, going and making movies, religion, sitcoms and so forth- this is where they think its at, where the fullness of life is, its all broken cisterns. I came to realise that life can only be found where the fountain overflows and that is in Jesus. I thought to my self that most are in a dream world. They are deluded and I make it my aim to preach to people that fullness of life and happiness can only be found in Jesus for all eternity. When the glorious King comes back everything will be made new, and those things in which your soul delights in, those godless things are no more and the thing that remains is Christ and the pleasures of His kingdom. I must say that is why it angers me and truly does when I see my fellow Christians rejoicing in the things of this world that are contrary to God, for example sitcoms that mocks Christ. It just makes me wonder and my heart beats and thus come to this passage that fullness of life can only be found in Jesus.
Ken Oni

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