Monday, 22 February 2010

run with joy

To tell you the truth, I'm not a big fan of running, infact id rather avoid it. I would rather walk to my destination which would take me an hour in total to get there rather than trouble my feet. My default mentality when it comes to running is that it is troublesome and should only be done when it is necessary. Today wasn't one of those days and to my surprise I ran to uni. the motivation behind it also was unusual because there was no reason for me to arrive at uni at a certain time but rather I thought it good that it would be excellent of me to build up my fitness for football. I've been injured since before Christmas and today was my first day back. I was excited but also feared that i would drop due to my lack of fitness but amazingly we did hardly any running but played short games which was fun and managed to score a cheeky last goal. I did my usual celebration, the same as Drogba.

It was good to see the guys again and to my joy there were some amazing players. I can't wait to get back to full fitness and really give it my all. any ways, running to uni was pretty fun, again this is also unusual, but to make it exciting, I imagined that Christ was jogging with me and that He was spearing me on. the running was light, indeed I went at a very slow speed but I was glad I did it because it made training all the more easier. Indeed one can run to the glory of God and enjoy it with great delight. I pray that I may set my eyes on Jesus, the messiah and keep on running for him, not running aimlessly but as one running for a prize.

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