Monday, 22 February 2010

I found a friend online

This is a poem that me and a friend put together. this came about through our new found friendship via facebook and we both wrote three verses each. So I began and she follows.

i found a friend online
who is full of merry cheer
i hear her heart of love
as she types so clear

I have a friend in mind
Hears, and is sincere
With a heart of love
Sweets and sherbet and Shakespeare

She tells me she sings
She tells me and I believe
Perhaps one day
I will watch as she flies high
With her magical wings

He whispers a rhyme and tells a story
He speaks with his pen to paper
A voice to be heard
Perhaps one day
I'll hear it

For now I will wait
And dream of that day to be.
Steady my feet
For the train shall soon leave

For now I will wait
And gaze into the deep dark ocean above me.
He comes

               to Capture a star

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