The celestial gate

My dream is light
But I have to fight
I took my flight
And what a plight
A pilgrim’s day
On the narrow way

All the while
My cross I took
I strolled along
And met some saints
We sang sweet songs
To our Lord above

What is this?
In front of us
You don’t belong to our Lord
We pray in the name of Jesus Christ
Be gone and depart from our path
Still he lingers
Still he stays
Perseverance is what we say
On our knees
Though we are weak
Jesus Christ is all we need

Now he’s gone
Some bread in front
We eat for a while
On the narrow path

The gate is nigh
We ran with awe
Unbeatable joy
The celestial gate
Is gold and tall
There we saw
St peter and John
They led us
To the presence of our Lord
Who crowned us all
With a golden crown



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