Monday, 21 June 2010


Last week as a church student group, a couple of us went to a place called Jump. It was a kids play centre and had laser quest too. It was an awesome time as we all acted like kids again. Below is something that I wrote the morning after as I like to keep a track, like a diary of things i get up to or feel.

It is the best of things this morning to approach my Lord in prayer, though early as it is, it is indeed wonderful and a pure delight. Though I know not what to pray for, yet I will to pray with the book of Romans open in front of me. I must confess that I had many things on my mind, a certain person was on my mind, the poor also and some other things that made it uneasy for me to sleep. Nonetheless the Spirit inside of me drove me to pray.
The night before was awesome, like a kid I thoroughly enjoyed my evening at Jump. Playing laser quest and going through obstacles sure challenged my fitness. The people I was with made it a delight, I enjoyed my time and played a friend at football and he won. I met a guy who studied physics and philosophy and we chatted for a while. He loved social Justice and he saw things from my perspective as I gave him a more biblical portrayal of things and how the bible maintains a healthy balance between evangelism and social justice. The night then faded away and I was giving a lift home.


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