Tuesday, 22 June 2010

It is you my Lord

This is a poem about a person who is fighting his feelings because love for somebody else is taking over their love for the lord and the person wrestles to have the love of the Lord first and foremost in their heart and the love of others will be secondary but not dominating.

Oh, why do I love you
My heart is heavy for you
I thirst for your presence
Like an empty man
I desire you like a young child
Longing for his mothers arms
I cannot sleep and my dreams are constantly of you
I awake and I cannot shake this weight.
Oh my Lord, I feel the hurt this is to my soul
I want you more and I do pray my Lord
That you may be heavy upon my heart
For your yoke is light and your burden easy
Your presence is constant and you will not reject me
I am weary and do not want to make her an idol
It is you I truly thirst for
Satisfy me that I may glorify your Name.


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