Sunday, 27 June 2010

Meeting John Piper

The three amigos from Bristol town headed towards the north of London to meet and hear him whom they have admired for so long and indeed that admired person was John Piper; but all three are very much aware that Pastor John is a servant of the Lord and that Piper is nothing (1cor) but it is God who causes the increase in case if any one should think us of idol worshipping.

The journey took two hours and I slept for half of it sitting in the back with a comfy pillow on my head while I dreamt of being a king and having a beautiful queen at my side (that was a joke), I just slept. Any ways we arrived at the church and to my surprise there meeting place was in a cinema which was really cool though I was tempted to buy a popcorn and a coke but that would only make worship very difficult. Two cinema screens were almost full and the church was very welcoming.

The service began and I was touched by the passion of the leaders and how they loved God and his glory. The congregation was very joyful in their praise and the congregation was also racially diverse which was going to be the focal point of pastor John's sermon. We broke bread together and the bread was indeed tasty; there was a desire in me to eat more than my portion but such behaviour is unwarranted and scripture forbids me.

Then Pastor John came to preach on racial harmony and it was awesome and edifying. I will summarise his points at a later date on my blog as I took some notes. The meeting ended and we all went to the premier bar where there was cake and yummy sweets and I was delighted. There we met and spoke with John piper and before approaching him, we had wondered what our opening line should be. At this point we had made a few friends, and one guy from Oxford came to have lunch with us and I loved him with all of my heart. We approached Pastor John and asked him quoting him from his own sermon that ' we don't know what you feel about the prosperity gospel', but he didn't get the joke so I took the pleasure in explaining it to him and he said that 'then you must know how I feel', and in a most dramatic voice he said 'hatred' and we laughed because that's the reaction we wanted and then he laughed. Then we talked about his sermon and took some advice from pastor John and after we went to Mcdonalds (but not with John Piper) and I don't know what you feel about Mcodnalds but whatever it is, one things for sure, I love their big macs.

John Piper and the Prosperity Gospel


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