Saturday, 5 June 2010


We are by nature disconnected from God, the human story begins with God creating man in His image for his glory. Man was and is to worship and dwell in the presence of God. The relationship was healthy. Man walked in the coolness of the day with God who shaded them with many delights. Was your heart not satisfied Adam and Eve? You were connected and you were meant to enjoy each other forever. You were connected so why have you become disconnected, why is this now the human story when it was not so? It was because you chose another way you chose the way of disconnection. You did not follow the way of God or His truth but you chose the lie, you believed the serpent and followed the desire of your own flesh; you chose your way and have become disconnected- you made us all disconnected. I cannot blame you, for your story is my story. I too have have waked my own way and chose the path of disconnection. I chose the flesh rather than the Spirit, I rejected Him and loved my disconnectedness.

I look at the world and it is broken; broken in so many ways. Adam do you see the consequence of your rebellion, your rebellion has become my rebellion and I have become a slave. A slave to my rebellion. Look Adam, look; can you see the disparity, the brokenness, death and war. The seasons bring forth no harvest and men have become unkind. Even their best deeds is nothing but filthy rags. We are disconnected, disconnected from God and from each other. Do you not hate your enemies? do you not think of evil things in your heart and disregard God? Do we not know the law in our heart and yet disobey it? O Adam, we are disconnected. if I could tun back time I soon would have grabbed the serpent's head and tell him to keep quiet and to hush his lying mouth. But God works all things according to his purpose!

I have heard Adam that God Himself has bridged our disconnection that even though our rebellion grieved him dearly so that He was sorry that he created us yet I have heard Adam that He loves us so much that He Sent forth His only Son, the only man who was never disconnected apart from his cross when he bore our rebellion to die for us and connect us to our father once again. This re-connection promises that everything will be made new and the lion will eat grass with the lamb once again. And to be connected is very simple; it is trusting our Father on what he has done for us and turning from our rebellious ways. Although His Son died for us, he did not remain in the grave but he was raised back to life on the third day. O Adam is this not wonderful.


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