Thursday, 17 June 2010

Staying Awake this summer

This summer a group of us will be reading through the letters of Paul. The aim of this is to help us stay awake for the summer. You may wonder, what does staying awake mean? basically at the last Christian union meeting we were warned of the danger of falling asleep over the summer term, of neglecting God's word and church and practical duties which would lead us to backslide and fall asleep. So to help us stay awake I thought it good that it may be of use to create a face-book group that aims to encourage us to read our bibles, pray, be zealous for good deeds, bringing Christ in all we do and etc over the summer terms. So far we have begun to read through Romans and what a joy it has been. We read a chapter a day and hopefully in the coming weeks I'l post up things that I have learnt and also questions that people may have and attempt to answer it. Feel free to join the fb group too.!/group.php?gid=132909050053867&v=wall&ref=ts


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