Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Oh! Let me not perish

It is of certainty that there is life after death because of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. There are many sufficient evidences which points to his rising from the dead such as the empty tomb, the rise of Christianity and the miracles, and converts wrought for the past two thousand years. Because Christ has risen, every capable soul without Christ is in danger of perishing and entering unpon an eternity of hell. This is much to be concerned about for it will be a terrible thing for you to be found among the perishing. Ask yourself this solemn question, ‘Am I trusting entirely upon Christ for my salvation and am I sure of my eternal resting place?’ If you are found to be negative, I sincerely plea with you to turn today and call upon Christ for mercy.

It will be a terrible eternity if you are found among those who perish for it is Christ who said, ‘For God so loved the world, that He sent his only Son, so that whoever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life’. Later on in the chapter, Christ warns that whoever does not believe in the Son is condemned already and the wrath of God remains upon him. I plea with you to flee to Christ because if you perish and are found to be in hell, there will be no comfort for your soul. There will be none to pity you; you will look to the left, to the right, in front and to your back, looking for a saviour but there will be none to take your case. No one will cry for you and God will hate you forever and for all eternity you must bear the flames day and night. 

The saints of God will look upon you not with pity but rejoicing, not at your misery but at the justice of God, being glad that God is vindicating his justice against the wicked souls who hated him here on earth. Although you may exalt yourself in this world and lift yourself against God and openly oppose the cause of Christ and his gospel, yet in the life after, God will unleash upon you the fierceness of his wrath. It is because I know of the holiness of God and I am sensible of his nature and the coming judgment that I plea with you to flee to Christ, for whilst in hell you may not raise your voice at me and ask me why I told you not of this hellish eternity. God’s infinite anger will burn against you, and there, you will desire his pity more than all the treasures of this earth. Jesus Christ, the Lamb, will also have no pity on you if you should perish - although he is called the friends of sinners, he is only called so in this world, and in the life after He shall trample upon the blood of his enemies.

My friend, now Christ is your friend; he endured the cross for your redemption and will you not have it today while there is life within you. Oh be a sensible soul and flee from the coming judgment. Christ is now your friend, He knocks but will you continue to resist him. For if you will resist now till your death, then he shall no more welcome you. Christ now is seeking your salvation, He came to warn you and will you not listen. Oh let not that day dawn upon you for your lament will be forever, it shall be worse than the grievous pains here and no doctor shall relieve your pains. Please do not be among the souls found to perish but one to have eternal life and be one of the saints who shall forever rejoice in the presence of God for all eternity. Oh my friend let not your soul perish! You may hate me for painting such a picture of your eternity while you are yet without Christ, but I can only speak of the truth and warn you of the gall and bitterness which awaits you. It is because I love you and that tenderly, and I have only opportunity in this world to warn you and to present you with salvation. Please my friend trust in Christ and let not your soul perish.


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