Miscellanies 4 - Unless the Lord builds the house

Oh my Lord, my sweet Jesus come and change us that our lives may reflect yours. Come and display the wonders of your kindness, come Lord and lead many here to repentance. We wait on you and we will continue to wait until you show. Is it not written that unless you build the house the labourers labour in vain. My Lord we do not want to express such folly by building without you being the master builder. We will not commence to lay a single brick a single stone unless you have shown us the blueprint of your designs. We have no interest in earthly copies but we entirely desire the real substance of the heavenly. It is of no attentiveness to us to engage in a work that our Lord has no interest in. we are as the watchmen who waits for you; we have upon our gates six watchmen with two at a time, waiting and looking out for the arrival of our master. Of course here we speak of prayer and how it is our great desire to engage in prayer for it is there that we see our Lord with our spiritual eyes and many times has he shown us his plans and all so far have proved successful not according to earthly standards which is but vain but according to the heavenly standard which never fails to do the Lord’s will as it is revealed. Unless you build the house, we will labour in vain so we shall endeavour and enjoy our rest until our Lord comes knocking and doubtless he will bring with him the helper for any work of his is hard and without the helper we shall soon fall. And when he comes, he brings with him party bags of which inside are different gifts and often it is related to the task at hand. Until he commences we shall wait and pray, rejoicing and singing hymns to our heavenly Father. 



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