Monday, 18 April 2011

The past Month

So many things have occurred to me in the past month that here I will detail just a few experiences. I begin by telling of the greatness of God and how good and loving He is to me. That I a sinner should daily receive His mercies, allowing me to steadfastly grow in the faith and in His love. I am constantly in need of remembrance of the gospel of his Son by which he redeemed me and purchased me. He set me free from sin and made me an heir with His Son all to the praise of His glorious grace.

The closing of March witness the football varsity against Bristol and UWE won the match after a penalty shoot out. I was awarded with the man of the match for UWE although it was to my surprise but a fitting way to end my career as a UWE football player. The season has brought me much joy and although plagued with injury God granted me the grace to play through the pain and to glorify his name.

In March I also handed in my dissertation and now waiting for my results - I could have done better and what was weird was that I had a dream previously of the manner of which I would hand in my dissertation and Lo it came about to be true. I chuckled and rejoiced in the goodness of the Lord and commit all to him. I was glad that I had no more deadlines but all there is now is revision for my coming exam of which I aim to excel at.

Many other things happened in March of which one I am exceedingly joyful. Pip and Jay football club won the Gfa cup competition of which I played a part and received a medal. I was glad to be part of this great achievement as it is the first trophy in Pip and Jay’s history.

God provided for me financially and in His sovereignty enabled me to minister to others. The opening month of April bought with it the joy of spring as the Sun shined brightly. A week later I was at New word alive of which I learnt many things and God encouraged in the power of the gospel.

Now back at home in London, I aim to read many literature and prepare to revise for my exam. God is good and lovely and I pray that this month I may spend in increasing my joy in Him and excel in love towards his saints and all that dwell upon this fallen earth.


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