This age of age

In this day and age where reason prevails
That is the reason of man and many many men
Are etched above the divine Word
A train of souls forsake their trust
And re-write genesis to suit their laws

Nature is loved but not its maker
Nature they adore but not its creator!

The enlighteners spoke of a new dawning light
Freeing the spark from the Word we have
Elevating utopia to a present time
Which will dawn as we progress unharmed!

Fools! They misjudged the human nature
Total depravity rejected but it was unaffected
This age of age is full of vice
Wickedness and wickedness evades its style.

 We speak of peace, peace and peace
While rejecting the Prince of peace.

Despite the lack
Of genuine believe
Yet the Maker operates his design
Man may shout and scream and bark
But never will avail the Creator’s grand design!



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