The Joy of Confession 11

I am once again moved with the fondness of prayer and an enjoyment of the Word for pleasure. Although I had such desires in me, I have found every reason or activity to deflect myself from such enjoyment. It is as our Lord said that the flesh is weak but the Spirit is willing. I am now a more amiable soul, lightened by the word of God and sensitive to my creatures ails. My revival was birthed about by the asking of a particular friend to pray and since I promised I neglected not this duty. Upon praying the Lord saw it fitting to bless me with his grace of joy and anoint my soul with oil. Although I have no theological reasons to feel myself unholy before My God yet my accuser finds it a pleasure to taunt me. But the Lord has deflected his burning arrows and covered me with his tender duvet of which no evil could penetrate. 



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