Monday, 4 April 2011

Loving the poor

The times are calling for worldwide modification
Arbitrary whims esteems not My decisions
Literary conflict my people be dying dumb
Economic sanctions is killing all the poor.
Tonight we go to war but can’t feed the street sleepers 
Spend a grand tonight for my own eye pleaser.
Take a man to court cuz I want what He got
Jealousy reigns our culture that’s why we want more.
I got five coats but He ain’t got one
He died of cold is like I pulled the gun
The story been told but the west keep dreaming
Of Hollywood scheming while the germs keep breathing.
Bless all my people that be running wild
Forsaking this life to keep my neighbours all alive
The righteous are few, loving the kids in the ghetto
The righteous aint you cuz you ain’t loving God’s people.


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