The Joy of Confession 10

Sinner: Oh Sir, its been a terrible week for me sir; I've been an unrighteous soul and went back to my old sins of which I was sure that I had forsaken. Its not only that sir, but I had made promises to the Lord that I would never engage in such sins, but lo I am found to be a liar. I have broken my promises and if it was against a man, I could plead my case but it is against God and I fear his holiness and I fear his punishment against me.

Because of my disobedience sir I have been unable to come to him in prayer or seek his face because I was sure that his ears will be deaf to me. I feel a guilt of torture upon my soul and I have no where to turn. I pray that perhaps God has not altogether left me and taken his spirit from me. Also for the injury of my case is his divine kindness towards me in this past two weeks, for he has provided where I lacked and nourished my soul. But disgrace I feel for this is how I pay it back with a rebellious and a hardened heart. I know my guilt and I have greatly erred, is there a way back for me sir?

Sir: Oh dear sinner, if we were under the old covenant then you have much to fear, infact I would have not much words of hope for you but be of good cheer, we are under the covenant of grace. Whereas under the old covenant one sin was enough to condemn you but this new covenant was ushered in after many transgressions. Therefore the new covenant is better than the old covenant because the righteous are justified by faith through a righteousness that is not their own. So when you confess Jesus as your Lord and saviour entirely from your heart and set about your face to live  for Jesus, you are entirely Justified before God and no devil or angel or sin could ever condemn you, for now you belong to him.

SO, my friend, you are not under condemnation but you do need to repent. Do not make empty promises to God so as to feel that when you keep them that God is happy with you and when you don't keep them then you are in danger of hell. This is not the way of the new covenant but only trust in Jesus and forsake your sins and when you do fall do not fear to enter once again into the presence of grace for it is there where you will find the remedy for your guilt. Also you have such a high priest who is in heaven and continually makes intercession for you.

Be of good cheer my friend, Jesus has died for you entirely and for all of your sins, fears and failures. He loved you while you were a sinner and you knew nothing about him, so how much more must he love you now? He loves you infinitely and nothing can separate you from His love. God loves his saints and does nothing to them but blessings and although you may receive chastisement from him yet it is a blessing for it is for your good.

Sinner: Oh sir, so God is not angry with me because of the death of His Son and because Jesus is my righteousness?

Sir: Yes my Son, He is not angry with you but seeks for you to come back to him.

Sinner: But what must I do with my guilt?

Sir: Give them to Jesus and He shall take them of you.

The sinner went home with gladness of heart and praise towards His God who sent His Son to die for Him.



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