Rene and Poet - part 7

Poet: Oh, Rene, after a glass of wine, fanciful imaginations began to occupy my mind. They were sweeter than the wine I drunk and the imaginations did put a joyous expression upon my face.

Rene: Poet, I am yours for a time; indulge me with your intricate imaginations 

Poet: Sweet lover of mine, allow me a space upon your thigh for my head. Look how the heavens fade because its bridegroom has gone away - it is how I feel when my future bride is far from me.
My imagination was of her which is no surprise to you - it was like a sweet smelling aroma to my nose and there I beheld her breathtaking jovial face. She looked at me with the highest of love, her dovely eyes penetrated my chained soul. Yea I am chained to her love, happily imprisoned held by my devotion to her manner. She was altogether mine, her whole being and method were now one with mine and we possessed a divinely love of which death may scratch for infinity and never tear nor mark. 

Rene: I adore your feelings, I wish I had the capacity to cherish like you but I’m of a harder nature.

Poet: Oh Rene, love cannot be forced but when you behold a beauty of sublime attractiveness, the beauty itself will create love in your heart and melt you to a fountain of fluent chocolate. 

(Poet continued to tell Rene about his imagination and we shall hear more of it next time)



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