Thursday, 28 April 2011

Can't trust myself but I'm trusting you Lord Jesus

Forgive me Lord for my secret sins
My heart breaks at my depravity
A terrible wretch and a helpless soul
Held by the sin I wish to flee

But it seems the devil got a hold on me

Locked in a cage with my sins and they haunt me
Can’t resist the pressure the temptation couldn’t pass me by

I’m trying to close my eyes but its in my heart

To stay my hand but resistance is futile
                                                                        Im burning up can’t control all my anger
                                                                  Frustrated by the lack of my discipline
                                                          It seems to be no rest for my weary soul

When I commence to rejoice then I fall down

Live my days with a sad frown
This aint the life; I’m just a girl trying to find my place

But it seems pride and feeling made much of is my secret aim

                                                        Deep  in my chest I want more but I can’t trust my self
                                               Unfaithful to the core Now I wonder if I’ll ever get to rest 

So I’m tempted to end it here

To set my spirit from this corrupt flesh
But that aint the problem its my mind and impure soul

They say I need Jesus because he can wash it all away
                                                                    How can I believe when there’s so much guilt
So much filth surely only hell can cleanse me
                                                                         But they say there’s a better way
The cross of Christ is enough to remove all my filthy stains.
Trust him and all will be well.


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