I'm Coming Home

I’ve wandered far away from Father, I have wandered far too long. The paths of sin too long I have walked, the path of death I have dwelt but now I am coming home; I am coming back to my Father’s house. I’ve wasted many precious years I spent it all on sin and acquired its shame. My soul is sick and my heart is sore, all that I hope on is my Father’s grace. I have wondered so far from my Father’s presence but yet He is my Father and how he will receive me I do not know but I must go back home. Vile and sinful I remember my heart to be, a raging beast and a sounding clang I remember my speech would sound. I must delay no more but march this desert stream until I reach the ground where life abounds. Oh that when He sees me that He will not pass me by, that he may hear my humble cry and heal my wound. There is no one else I have but him, surely all will scorn me there, for on the golden streets of heaven once again do I hope to walk. My eyes filled with tears all of a sudden looked up high; there was a feeble figure on a horse with mighty men by his side. There I say was my dad what is he doing here? I stopped my steps and stilled my soul lest He kills me here. But lo he jumps of his horse to run my way, He calls my name with his loving voice and tears filled his face. I stood but still and bowed in shame, dare not I to look his face. His garment white he wrapped me round and kissed me though filthy I am. What amazing grace and undeserved love echoed only by my Father’s arms; I knew not of such tremendous joy of a return of a prodigal son. He restored my name and bore my shame for the citizens would remember my old ways. But he spoke of me as if I had never left his sight. On the table there was bread to spare, the table was spread with lambs and wine; calling the country to my feast to celebrate the return of His wayward Son. 



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