Thursday, 16 June 2011

Old temptations

I heard rumours I died last night screaming for Peace
The devils couldn't handle the truth that I believed.
I never screamed, remained steady saying come n get me
If you want me, I won't decline.
So they put me on the scene with wild heat
Them happy chicks in the old times that I couldn't resist. 
Throw some dice on the wall
Its my boy Ace Saying 'homie what you got I got a royal straight'.
My eyes be starring, the devils be checking to see my heart rate
Beating quicker every second will I look away.
Thinking they won celebrating like a bunch of fools
Till they saw I weren't Moved they clocked on my only tool.
I reach to grab to tell these demons that I've been saved
I'm dead to sin alive to God Christ is my only way.
So take your trash I'm tired of playing games. 


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